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Goosystems UltraMax Colours


Disney Stores "Magic Trees" in 340 Disney Stores in the United States & Europe


ScreenGoo is a specially formatted line of acrylic paint products designed specifically for the Video Projection industry. It allows anyone to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. ScreenGoo paint products are ideal for Home Cinema, Commercial, Educational or Industrial Front or Rear, 2D or 3D Projection applications. ScreenGoo is inexpensive. It costs a fraction of other far more expensive yet lower performance alternatives and can be painted into any size and shape screen.


- ScreenGoo +20 colours offering upto 30% increase in reflectivity - GooToob Premium Quality Projection Screens Powered by Screen Goo
- New ScreenGoo UltraMax  Colours by Screen Goo
Screen Goo used at the Avicii LE7VELS 2012 Tour - ScreenGoo used for Transformers Ride at Universal Studios
Follow us on Facebook for News and Special Offers - Nexnix use ScreenGoo at the NEC Showcase 2013